What are we looking for?

Fire Science is looking for brand ambassadors. We’re looking for accounts (people or businesses) with over 1k followers in the firefighting / fitness space who post weekly. Our mission is to fuel firefighters to #STAYREADY as they respond to life or death calls on the daily. We’re improving firefighter health and giving back in the process – a portion of every sale goes back to firefighters!

Benefits of becoming an ambassador

  1. Get paid
  2. Get discounts on products & apparel
  3. Earn free swag!
  4. Help steer the direction of the company by testing products & providing feedback

As an ambassador, you will receive a discount code that gets you 15% off our entire website. Any time this code is used for a purchase, you will make a 15% commission on those sales. This commission will be paid out on a monthly basis via Paypal.

Ambassador expectations

  1. Post twice per month on your Instagram, Facebook, and/or TikTok.
  2. Turn on post notifications for @firesciencenutrition and like (or comment) when possible.
  3. Post your given promo code and firesciencenutrition.com/shop in your Instagram Bio.
  4. Repost our giveaways and contests.
  5. Tag us in your FSN related posts and use the hashtag #firesciencenutrition.
FSN Affiliate Program
There will be no commission payments on the first $100 sold through your code each month. If the only purpose in joining this program is to get a commission on a sale for personal use of FSN, then we ask you to please not apply. We track every sale – and in cases where an Affiliate has a single sale to themselves, commission will not be paid on that sale, except for any amount over $100. It is not fair to the Affiliates who have promoted in good faith, only to have one of their potential customers join the FSN Affiliate Program to get their own commission, cutting the original Affiliate out.